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We proudly present to you #MSCA ITN fellow of the week Andrei Goronovski, part of the international research project REDMUD, in the science and technology of recycling waste. Red mud, or better bauxite residue – is a major source of critical raw materials which can be recycled and used for clean technologies in the future. To assess and research the features of the rich mud is therefore crucial, if we want to substitute carbon intensive materials. Andrei Goronovski is a PhD student at the University of Tartu in Estonia who assesses the radiological aspects of different bauxite residue processing techniques developed within the project while searching for ways to minimise its impact in the building materials produced from red mud.
This is Andrei’s insight as a MSCA fellow:
“Being an MSCA fellow I received a great opportunity to participate in a really challenging cross-disciplinary research project, which brought together universities from different countries of Europe. I’ve had previous research experience, but only in this project it became clear that my actions as a junior researcher matter and I have a potential to improve our world.”

Please read more about Andrei and his research at:

Source: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions